Enumerating SharePoint Sites for Office 365 Groups With PowerShell

On 11/8/16 Microsoft made true of announcements from August 2016 and announced that Office 365 Groups with connected SharePoint Online team were now available. Link – https://blogs.office.com/2016/11/08/create-connected-sharepoint-online-team-sites-in-seconds/

The SharePoint admin inside me began to think about managing all of these new site collections/cluttering up my SharePoint Admin Center! The good news (Spoiler Alert)…It doesn’t! One of my friends (Brian Kinsella – https://www.linkedin.com/in/briankinsella) had the same question, so I decided to dig in to figure out how to get at all of these new site collections.

Most of you with an active Office 365/SharePoint Online deployment are probably familiar with the SharePoint Admin center:


I went ahead and created a new Office 365 Group called “TestO365Groups”

To do this I did the following:

  1. Go into the Mail App > (Under Groups) Clicked the + button
  2. Fill out the appropriate information (Name, Description, Privacy, etc.)
  3. This provisioned a site collection at following URL (I checked this by clicking the Files tab within the group) –  https://mod604710.sharepoint.com/sites/testo365groups/

Now onto the concerns above!

I was not able to see this site collection in the SharePoint Admin page and I was not able access Office 365 Groups via SharePoint Online PowerShell cmdlets (Get-SPOSite)


Exchange PowerShell to the rescue! Here’s what you can do to find all those Office 365 group URL’s:

  1. Fire up Exchange Online PowerShell – https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj984289(v=exchg.160).aspx
  2. Open PowerShell as Admin and connect to the O365 tenant using the following PowerShell:
Run the following command to get each Office 365 group and its associated SharePoint site URL:
Check it out (There’s a lot of properties you can work into this script if you’d like..109 to be exact):



SharePoint 2013/2016 Cloud Hybrid Search Service Application

I ran through the setup of the new SharePoint 2013/2016 Cloud Hybrid Search Service Application and wrote about it on the Skyline blog! Definitely an exciting new service and the best hybrid search experience to date..


Office 365/SharePoint Online – Getting Around the List View Threshold Error

I recently ran into a scenario where an Office 365 (SharePoint Online) list was over 10,000 items and I was attempting to delete the site, only to run into the dreaded List View Threshold Hold error. There are a lot of easy ways around this on premise to get rid of this site/list such as using PowerShell, changing the LVT for administrators, turning off LVT for this list, and many more creative/fun ideas. Office 365 doesn’t really have any of these options. The best way for handling this type of scenario that I’ve found is to use a little Access magic! Fire up Access and do the following:

1. Create a new Blank Desktop Database

2. Click External Data | More (Under Import & Link) | SharePoint List

3. Type the name of the SharePoint Online site you are connecting to and select Link to the data source by creating a linked table

4. clip_image002

5. Now sign in to your Office 365 tenant and click Next. Select the list(s) you want to link to and click OK

6. clip_image004

7. Open up the table containing the SharePoint list and create a query to run against it (Click Query Design | SQL View):

8. You will get a prompt indication that the query is running against data in linked tables. Click Yes

9. You will get another prompt indicating that you are able to delete X Number of rows in the specified table. Again, Click Yes

Now check the SharePoint site and notice that it is 10 rows lighter! Change the number in the SQL query to adjust how many items you want to delete at one time. The most I’ve deleted at once is 5000