Daily Archives: October 31, 2012

Export the User Information List of a site collection to Excel

Obtain “listID” & “ViewID” for the list “User Information List”.
a) Go to the “People and Groups” page of the site and navigate to List Settings (Settings > List Settings) via Toolbar.
b) Choose the list from the list of views in the bottom portion of the page.
c) In the address bar of the page, you would find the LISTID and VIEWID.
For example: http://sitename/_layouts/ViewEdit.aspx?List=%7B83959520%2DE3F8%2D4696%2D802B%2D22B547F097F4%7D&View=%7B8E86F4BF%2D1B65%2D4AC5%2DA507%2D87236E3F8D05%7D


Replace the viewID and ListID we obtained from previous step in the url